Rose Hair Chouchou (Ivory)


It is a cute flower-shaped hair chouchou carefully made with hand knitting with a strong rubber band in the center with a free rose shape.
*Roses on hair shoes are all different in random colors. There may be some roses gathered together, and the picture of the outfit and the product were taken with different products, so please keep in mind. Since it has roses freely attached, you can receive the only product in the world, and I would appreciate it if you could regard it as your unique charm. (See detail page)
*The knots and threads that connect the roses are seen as a whole, and the flowers made of wire are not uniform in shape and color.
*It's a rose made of wire that feels like it's going to fall off the hair tie, but it doesn't come off easily.
*The photo I wore is made with bobby pins, and in reality, it can be worn in various ways as a hair tie or bracelet.
*The color of the thread with roses or the color of the bottom of the rose may all be randomly different.

*It is a product made by attaching flowers and labels one by one with hands, and the location and length of subsidiary materials are not constant, and hair straps may be visible between the hand knits. Please note that this part shows that it is handmade, and it is not a defective return reason.

For nearly a year, I've been thinking a lot about how to commercialize this attractive yarn. The unit price of the yarn is very high, but I set the price as low as possible considering the shortcomings.

It's a product with a disadvantage compared to its pretty design, so please buy it only if you can understand the unique characteristics of handmade.
None of the above is considered defective, and please purchase carefully only if you agree with this.


10*10 cm (about)




100% Acrylic

Made in Korea


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