Ribbon Beads Bag (Clear)
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It is a hand-made ribbon-shaped bead bag.

We added a lot of soccer ball-shaped crystals that were cut from various angles, and added pearls in between on top of the ribbon shape.

The ribbon tail is also attached to give details, and the handle is a product with a lot of care using crystals larger than the body of the bag.

It's the size of a small tote bag, and you can only store what you need, and it may not be suitable for those who need a lot of storage. It was appropriate when you put your phone, AirPods, half wallet, and hand cream in the line where the shape of the bag was maintained. (Please understand that the standards may vary from person to person.)

In addition, it has a lot of crystals, so the weight is a bit heavy, so it feels heavy. Therefore, it is more expensive than other products, and considering its practicality, it is not a suitable bag, but I'm sure those who like our mood will like it.

We will send you a heart key ring with the logo on the handle of the bag.

It is a key ring that is highly utilized even if it is separated and attached to other places if necessary.


Body 20cm* 28 cm (about)

Handle 29.5 cm (about)




Bag Acrylic, Imitation Pearl

Key Ring Acrylic, Brass

Made in Korea


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Email. info@swingset.co.kr | Business hours. Mon-Fri AM 11:00 - PM 5:00 (Wed, Weekend, Holiday Off) 

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